Why Modular Homes Are Becoming Taking The Real Estate Market By Storm

The term modular home has become a rather popular term in the real estate business. Modular homes are a more affordable way for individuals to get the custom built home of their dreams. These homes are built using the same materials found a site- built home only they are built ina factory setting that meets local building codes. These modular homes are the same in ways of zoning and finaNCing and when they are finished they will look just like a site build homes. They are more affordable than site built homes, however are understandably a little more expensive than manufactured homes.

Aren’t modular homes the same as mobile homes? This is in fact, untrue. Modular homes are a revolutionary new product for the new home construction industry. Have you seen videos or television depictions of a state-of-the-art automobile manufacturing plant? If you have, imagine a brand new home being built the same way. But instead of the final home product being of a lesser quality, the home is built better and in less than half the time compared to standard new home construction. If you can envision this, then you are beginning to get the concept of modular homes.

Individuals who build modular homes, are able to create potential homeowners high quality homes using the same building technology that site built homes use. A great benefit for builders is that because they are creating these homes under the protection of a factory setting, they do not have to worry about weather issues and weather delays. This makes the home building process easier for the builders and much quicker for the homeowner. This method of designing homes was designed with the homeowner in mind and are an efficient and easy ways to get quality custom homes created quickly and efficiently.

Modular homes are more than 80 percent constructed in a large factory indoors away from the elements of the weather. The completed modular are then loaded onto a truck and lifted onto a foundation where the new homeowner awaits the finishing touches to complete the construction. Because the modules are transported to the site, the durability and strength have to be greater than a home built on-site. Estimates indicate these homes are therefore 20 percent stronger than your typical “site-built” home. Modules are then secured together with water, electricity, and sewage “tied in” after it has arrived. By the end, no one can tell the difference between a modular home and a site-built home. There are some amazing, high quality modular homes Asheville now available, and many people are already checking them out, there are cottage designs and even modernized eco-cottage NC designs available to choose from.

A lot of people have this idea that the designs are limited with this type of construction, right? This isn’t true. Any design can be made into a modular home. Whether you bring plans to a modular home manufacturer, or select from the thousands of designs available, your dream home can be constructed by modular technology. Design architects who create wonderful modular homes are abundant, and many have selectively embraced this new method of home building. Having the ability to provide the homeowner with vast choices in design while saving resources in energy, labor, time and materials makes modular homes an easy choice.