Pressure Cleaning and How It Can Help Sell Your House

Many home owners have faced the struggles of selling their homes. They may have searched for methods of better selling their house, realtors may have created creative strategies to make a house more appealing and more. But one method that others may have brushed aside or not even considered is pressure cleaning their house.

It’s an unusual act, however it’s effective as you’ll see below.

Pressure Washing Preserves Value

Right out the door if you are pressure washing the outside, you are preserving the value of the property. The outside of your home is exposed to all sorts of elements, be it man-made or natural. Everything from the sunlight to dirt, pollution and smoke to list a few. These particular elements make an impact on the outside of the wall which can do all sorts of damage. If you have paint, it’s going to have gunk clinging to it, or perhaps the paint is cracking or peeling off. In the end, those elements can leave stains that aren’t pretty at all and can curb the value.

By giving your house a pressure wash you are freshening It up and also maintaining the appearance of the home. You should be doing this at least once every year.

Furthermore if you intend to rent or sell your home, washing it before you hire someone to sell it will help immensely in other ways. Research shows that those who pressure wash their homes can get a boost in value of their home by 5 to 10 percent. Not much, but you get a nice return by spending a summer afternoon washing the house.

Pressure Washing Saves Time And Money

Maintaining is important, but one other thing you might not be thinking about is that by pressure washing your home you’ll save money and time. It may sound counter productive since you may spend an afternoon or even a day doing this, but if you can do this regularly (at least once a year), you can remove contaminants that do contribute to both dry rot and mold growth. This is key because those things do cause early failure in cases where the building material is made of wood or you are using paint.

On top of that, by pressure washing, you do save yourself time when you are preparing to paint. Traditionally, people are spending hours at a time scrubbing down the house with a big sponge and a bucket of water by their side. You can save so much time by taking a pressure washer and spraying without using any cleaning agents.

Pressure Washing Protects Family

As mentioned above, if you are pressure washing your home regularly you risk your house getting dry rot or even grow mold. There are plenty of other things as well depending on where you live. Things like dust, algae and other allergens too.

While this doesn’t directly affect the appearance of the house, it does a number to you the home owner and anyone who is living in it. Some of these things may not be so bad at first, but over time, these things mentioned can be life-threatening to those around you for a variety of reasons.