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Village in Italy For Sale Because of Disposable Residents

A village called Calascio on the outskirts of Italy could be a prima donna thanks to its stunning scenery. This village has even been the background of the fantasy movie in 1985. But unfortunately, the remote location makes this village must now be isolated like a ghost town.

A total of 20 thousand residents left the village after the earthquake struck. Most of the inhabitants go to larger cities in order to be able to work their fortunes and get better jobs. As a result, the village located in the hills Apennine and even then sold to the market.

As reported Telegraph.co.uk, Monday (3/7/2017), if you intend to buy this village then prepare the first money of 20 thousand euros. With the money, you can get a building of 540 square feet facing with beautiful scenery.

With an overall investment of 80,000 to 100 thousand euros, the ruins can be transformed into a lounge or cottage for the summer.

“Many foreigners are interested in restoring residence in the ancient cities, because foreigners will feel living in a real medieval world full of history and tradition,” says architect Edoardo Carboni, a real estate agent who has examined the appeal of the village.

Calascio’s fresh air with its breathtaking scenery also attracts more tourists. The city founded by the Normans in this medieval age, has a fortress which is also open to the public.

From this mountain peak, once a cruel nobleman from Florence could control all of central Italy. Calascio’s majesty ended when the fort was shaken by a devastating earthquake in 1703, leaving local residents forced to flee to other cities.

“These abandoned hill-top towns are like the small, hidden town of Pompeii where we all want to own a piece of land,” Carboni said.

Interestingly again, for those who decide to buy this village large financial gains can be obtained by the owner. Profits derived from debris houses can reach up to 800 euros per week during the summer. If the property is to be sold, the value of the restored building could increase by 300 percent.

The whole property is sold through Sextantio Real Estate. The plot of one hectare village covers 70 houses with an area of ​​540 square feet. There also lies a wine shop, well, fountain and several covered stone vegetation streets.